Contributors: Roberto Caruso, Patchouli Design,
Vanessa Taylor

FASHION Magazine

Contributors: Lesa Hannah, Carlo Mendoza,
Briana Mirabelli, Rodney Smith

S/ Magazine

Contributors: Michelle Burca, Larissa Issler, Evan Kaminsky, Aurora Lynch

WINNER: FASHION Magazine,  Modern Art

Bold, strong and compelling, this art direction masterpiece demonstrates that beauty is art.
A stunningly composed and expertly photographed story that transforms the make-up artist’s palette into a sophisticated and seductive contemporary work of art.

Best Video

ELLE Canada

Contributors: Max Abadian, Leeanne Colley, Vanessa Craft, Brittany Eccles, Grace Lee,
Ben Reyes, Juliana Schiavinatto, Vittorio


Contributor: Fanny Yockell

Flare Magazine

Contributors: Dillan Cools, Charlotte Herrold, Caitlin Kenny, Tara MacInnis, Andrea Miller, Maggie Naylor, Eva Redpath, Claudia Steven

WINNER: ELLE Canada,  Behind the ELLE Canada cover shoot with Gigi Hadid

 This video captured the jury’s attention with enticing, beautifully produced visuals that invite the viewer into the behind-the-scenes experience of a cover shoot with one of the industry’s top models. The glamour of the beauty editorial world shines through, with a ‘sneak peek’ allure that leaves the viewer wanting more.


Best Health

The Skin You’re In

Contributors: Jannen Belbeck, Lauren Kerbel, Megan Kirkwood, Karen Robock Geoffrey Ross, Jackie Shipley, Beth Thompson, Grace Toby, Kristen Vinakmens

Dress to Kill

Coming of Age: The New Face of Cosmetic Enhancements

Contributors: Max Abadian,
Lisa Acoca, Pamela Bernier, Sabrina Rinaldi, Cary Tauben, Bianca Taylor

ELLE Canada

Modern Family

Contributors : Victoria DiPlacido, Carli Whitwell

WINNER: Dress to Kill, Coming of Age: The New Face of Cosmetic Enhancements

The jury complimented this piece for its thorough, expertly produced content that informs the reader with a well-rounded investigation. Neatly-organized, this story provides an intimate sense of the cosmetic procedure experience.


Coup de Pouce

50 nuances de gris

Contributor: Joanie Pietracupa

ELLE Québec

Stop aux bobos de la peau!

Contributor: Kenza Bennis

Véro Magazine

Faire peau neuve…sans chirurgie

Contributor: Julie Champagne

WINNER: ELLE Québec, Stop aux bobos de la peau!

Candid and informative, this comprehensive piece takes the veil off the taboo subject of adult acne and other skin conditions, providing straight forward, well researched information that is accessible and helpful to the reader.


A Pop of Colour

Contributor: Shayna Wiwierski


Contributor: Jessica Desjardins

Ommorphia Beauty Bar

Contributor: Eugenia Ragas

WINNER: beautezine

With its masterfully-crafted and inviting layout, this site makes an impression with curated content, a professional, polished appearance and well-researched beauty posts.
Captivating and compelling, this site piques reader’s interest.

Best Innovation Feature (English)

Cosmetics Magazine

New + Next

Contributor: Tracey Ho Lung

FASHION Magazine

Long Game

Contributors: Brian Fleming, Lesa Hannah, Eng Lau,
Kristen Vinakmens

Flare Magazine

You Won’t Believe What’s Next

Contributors: Ivan Engler, Carlene Higgins, Caitlin Kenny, Michael Li Preti, Michelle Villett

WINNER: Cosmetics Magazine, New + Next

A tour de force in research, writing and editing, this ambitious feature showcases the latest trends shaping the beauty industry from product customization to the reinvention of retail. This piece successfully delivers a complex topic in a direct, accessible manner
with highly credible sources.

Best Innovation Feature (FRENCH)

Bel Âge

Rajeunir sans bistouri

Contributor: Joanie Pietracupa

ELLE Québec

Alerte au stress!

Contributor: Laurence Lévy

La Presse

En finir avec l'acné adulte

Contributor: Joanie Pietracupa

WINNER: Bel Âge, Rajeunir sans bistouri

Accessible, informative and well-prepared, this feature showcases the variety of non-invasive options to rejuvenate skin. The jury was impressed with this story’s candor, detailed explanations and inclusive solutions to the beauty concerns of the day.

best youtube channel

Beauty with Emily Fox

Contributor: Emily Fox

Brittany Marie

Brittany Marie Pesklevits

Jackie Wyers

Contributors: Beaufresh Media, Jackie Wyers

WINNER: Jackie Wyers

Dynamic, original and truly authentic, the host presents a unique take on beauty tutorials. With a professional polish, videos are not only highly informative and educational but also accessible and entertaining.

Best Social
Media Content


Contributor: Amy McKissock


Contributor: Cara McLeay



The 26th Look

Contributor: Julia Mateian

WINNER: The 26th Look

A flawless mix of style and beauty that effortlessly elicits emotion through stunning photography and impeccable art direction. This winning entry is applauded for high quality imagery, creative layouts and an indescribable ‘it factor’, producing content
that attracts and holds attention.

Best Feature (ENGLISH)

FASHION Magazine

Balm Squad

Contributors: Yenting Chen,
Lesa Hannah, Liza Herz

Globe and Mail

Think Ink

Contributors: Anya Georgijevic, Vanessa Jarman,
Benjamin MacDonald,
Odessa Paloma Parker,
Carlyle Routh, Andrew Sardone

The Kit Compact

Windows to the Seoul

Contributors: Giorgina Bigioni, Laura deCarufel, Rani Sheen, Kristy Wright

WINNER: The Kit Compact, Windows to the Seoul

Based on a first-person immersion into the world of Korean beauty, this feature grasps the reader’s attention with expertly written and creative storytelling. The narrative delivers strong beauty expertise, skillfully distilling a complex topic into easily digestible insights.

Best Feature (FRENCH)

Clin d'Œil

Routines beauté du monde

Contributor: Laetitia Beretti

Clin d'Œil

Winnie Harlow - en mode diversité

Contributor: Mélanie Pélican

Véro Magazine

Soins de saison

Contributor: Joanie Pietracupa

WINNER: Clin d'Œil, Routines beauté du monde

Globally influenced and locally relevant, this feature inspires the reader with in-depth research, highlighting the diversity of beauty routines around the world. With exceptional writing, this winning submission  delivers interesting insights, told through a comprehensive beauty story designed for a broad audience.

Best beauty shoot

Dress to Kill

Contributors: Alex Evans, Sabrina Rinaldi


Contributors: Mishal Cazmi,
Justin German,
Daniel MacKinnon, Naomi Miau,
Corey Ng, Chris Nicholls,
Simone Otis

S/ Magazine

Contributors: Vanessa Jarman, Evan Kaminsky, Aurora Lynch, Carlyle Routh

WINNER: S/ Magazine, Get In Line

 The imagery portrayed in this story is praised for its creativity and bold, abstract vision.
This winning entry delivers a beautiful high-impact result with artistic finesse, combining impeccable styling and art direction with innovative makeup design.

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